Caption Contest

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12 responses to “Caption Contest

  1. James Jandelli

    I’m glad Scapaticci didn’t forget the steak knives we left in the Sand.

    Peace Love All Ways


  2. “Hey Charlie, did you hear the one about the IRA?”

  3. Jimmie Potter

    ‘He doesn’t know we call him Agent Chopstick.’

    > >

  4. Local boy does good and then makes a fuckup.

  5. Don’t call me Sir Ger in front of the children

  6. I’ll nominate you as President once I’m Taoiseach

  7. “What! You are also a republican!”

  8. Adams: “Thank you for engaging with myself and my colleagues, your Highness”
    Charles: “Not at all, dear boy. I’ve been speaking to plants my entire life”

  9. He said daddy used the silver teapot as a pisspot.

  10. A day late and a dollar short, but nevertheless, “Bob’s your uncle”.

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