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Imminent Publication Of A/G Report On Gerry Adams and Liam Adams Case

When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions. – Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5. By William Shakespeare

John Larkin, NI's Attorney-General

John Larkin, NI’s Attorney-General

I am reliably informed that the long awaited report by Northern Ireland’s Attorney-General, John Larkin on the decision by Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service’s (PPS) not to charge Gerry Adams for withholding information about his brother Liam Adams’ abuse of his daughter, Aine Dahlstrom, is due for publication late this week, or early next.

Liam Adams - told his brother Gerry that he had abused his daughter

Liam Adams – told his brother Gerry that he had abused his daughter

The A/G’s investigation was launched after it emerged during Liam Adams’ trial that the Sinn Fein president did not tell police for nine years that his brother had confessed to the abuse and incest allegation.

The recent failure of Liam Adams’ appeal against his conviction has, it seems, cleared the way to publish the report, which has been in the PPS’ hands since around June 2014.

Gerry Adams - didn't tell police about Liam and was not charged with withholding information, like we would be........

Gerry Adams – didn’t tell police about Liam and was not charged with withholding information, like we would be……..

Whatever the report’s findings, the experience is likely to be as uncomfortable for the Director of Public Prosecutions as it could be for Mr Adams, even though the DPP recused himself from this case (that makes how many times now…..?).

Barra McGrory was the Sinn Fein leader’s solicitor at the time that Liam Adams was exposed as an abuser and then charged and inevitably attention will focus on what advice Mr McGrory gave his client at the time.

Barra McGrory - Gerry Adams' lawyer when Liam Adams was exposed, now the North's  DPP

Barra McGrory – Gerry Adams’ lawyer when Liam Adams was exposed, now the North’s DPP

Not for the first time, attention is also likely to be directed at the wisdom of appointing a lawyer who had such a high profile and controversial figure as a client to the highest prosecutorial post in the land, an appointment that increasingly seems destined to be filed under the heading: ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’ .

The Partial Repayment Of A Debt

The Broken Elbow:

Now, I wonder will Barra McGrory issue any subpoenas for this one? Silly question.

Originally posted on seftonblog:

Today I lodged papers with the Police Ombudsman.

Details will follow.

Essentially, I contend that PIRA was so completely penetrated by the state in 1990 that the murders of my parents were the state’s responsibility. This the police failed to investigate.

I have given details of the PIRA informers, whose names I know and I have asked the Ombudsman to examine all state files.

The exercise has taken a year of my life, which I have gladly given, for my parents.

Other events have given me this opportunity, which I failed to take for twenty four years.

A number of people who treated me badly during that time and who gave me no support will have their own God to answer to.

I thank those who have stood by me through all my travails for these years.

I thank those from both communities, who, in the last twelve months have…

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The Simple Response To Gerry Adams’ Latest Assault On Mairia Cahill

Amid the twists and turns in the wake of the Starmer report – which examined the way Barra McGrory’s increasingly dysfunctional Public Prosecution Service handled sexual abuse charges involving prominent IRA figures in West Belfast – one the most intriguing has come from SF supremo, Gerry Adams. His response has been to claim that the abuse carried out against the most prominent victim, Mairia Cahill, was in fact perpetrated by ‘an uncle’, i.e. Martin Morris.

Mairia Cahill

Mairia Cahill

It is clear that what Adams is trying to do here is to divert attention away from the IRA’s involvement in this sordid case by placing it in a family context and therefore nothing to do with the Provos. But the IRA’s fingerprints, so to speak, are all over the scandal.

First of all the accused abuser, Martin Morris was a member of the IRA’s secret police force, the so-called Administrative IRA, a much-feared body with the power to blow a person’s kneecaps into the next street.

Secondly those charged with attempting to cover up the allegations or force their withdrawal by Mairia Cahill and two other women known only as AA and BB, are among the best known Provisional activists in the city. The kangaroo courts they staged were designed not to get at the truth but to force the accusers to back down so their buddy Morris would walk free.

So from the point of view of the Sinn Fein President, it makes perfect sense to level the ‘uncle’ charge so as to minimise IRA involvement and to divert media attention from his own less than irreproachable part in the affair.

This includes his decision to involve himself in the matter only when the tabloid media began sniffing around the story and the fact that he dragged out the resulting face-to-face meetings with Mairia Cahill for six years!

(This is not the first time I have encountered this tactic by Mr Adams. He invites a person with a grievance to a meeting, sits them down with a cup of tea and talks sympathetically to them. Then he invites them back for another meeting after he has completed some promised background research or talked to person A or B. The invitee, invariably flattered to be in his presence in the first place, usually accepts without hesitation. And so it goes on. Before they know what has happened years have gone by, they have drunk gallons of Mr Adams’ tea and they are no nearer a resolution of their complaint. But Mr Adams has gained a valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the potential troublemaker.)

There is a simple way to answer Mr Adams’ charges in relation to the Mairia Cahill case.

Martin Morris was Mairia Cahill’s uncle by marriage, not by blood. When sexual abuse is committed by a blood relative, the offender would be liable to a charge of incest as well as rape or sexual abuse. Martin Morris was not charged with incest but with rape and abuse, ergo he was not treated by the PPS as a blood relative.

The legal definition of a blood relative can be found here, i.e. “…a person related to another by birth as distinct from one related by marriage.”

Gerry Adams’ father was a blood relative of those in his family he abused, as was his brother Liam, who raped his own daughter, Aine Dahlstrom. They committed incest as well as sexual abuse. Fifty per cent of abusers are also guilty of incest.

Martin Morris however falls into the category of the estimated other fifty per cent of abusers who are able to commit their offence because the victims know and trust them. But he was not a blood relative, only a relative by chance, i.e. by marriage. That gave him the opportunity to abuse Mairia Cahill and because he was her aunt’s husband, he had her trust, at least initially.

Mr Adams is deliberately conflating the two categories in an effort to move the spotlight away from the IRA and the stubborn suspicion, Starmer report or no, that saving the peace process somehow played a role in the shenanigans at the PPS over the Mairia Cahill case.

It is striking that he is not making the same allegation in relation to AA and BB. Just about Mairia Cahill, who has made his life pretty difficult over recent months.

The media needs to wake up to this ploy.

The Obscenity Of The English Premier League

The Grauniad has an interesting piece today about former Northern Ireland international and Aston Villa winger Peter McParland, as a curtain-raiser for the forthcoming FA Cup Final between Aston Villa and The Scum. (The latter term is how a certain other North London team which somehow got displaced from its South London origins in the British Army’s Woolwich arsenal is known by all true Spurs fans)

Peter McParland

Peter McParland

McParland, a Newry man, gained notoriety in the 1957 FA Cup Final by dislocating the jaw of Manchester United goalkeeper, Ray Wood in the opening seven minutes meaning that, in those pre-subs days, one of the other ten Busby Babes had to take his place. McParland went on to score two goals, beating United 2-1 and depriving Man U, a year before Munich, of the double (a feat that was achieved by Bill Nicholson’s Spurs team four years later).

Needless to say United fans of a certain vintage never forgave him.

What caught my attention was McParland’s description of his recruitment from Dundalk by Villa in 1952 and the terms he was offered to join the Midlands’ team:

I began working as an apprentice coppersmith at the rail works in Dundalk and when I was 17 I went to Birmingham with a Newry boys’ club to play a Birmingham side, Shamrock Rovers. In 1952 we visited Villa Park and the Villa manager, George Martin, asked our manager if we had any promising players. I suddenly found myself playing against the Villa first-teamers. Villa signed me. Dundalk wanted £5,000 and Villa paid them £3,800 and I began on £12 a week with a £10 signing-on fee.

Now according to this site, in 1952 £12 is equivalent to £336 in 2015 money, a sum that is probably not far off the average industrial wage nowadays. So, not much to get excited about, even sixty-three years ago, but at least he wouldn’t starve.

But how does £336 compare to what a modern Premier League earns? What would Peter McParland take home every week if he was a winger for Aston Villa in next weekend’s Cup Final? The answer is a staggering, disgusting, unjustifiable £31,000 per week, or just over $1.62 million a year. That’s 92 times more than Peter McParland’s wages for Villa.

Funnily enough The Grauniad man didn’t ask him about that.

Child Victims And Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service

The Broken Elbow:

More on Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service from former prosecuting attorney Peter Sefton. It is worth noting that the date of his complaint follows Barra McGrory’s appointment as DPP by some five months. So there can be no excuse along the lines of: ‘I wasn’t in charge then’. I predict a rough ride as DPP for Barra with a possibly tearful ending.

Incidentally, does Northern Ireland have a functioning media any more? Why are the hacks not digging up this stuff themselves? Why have they become just stenographers and not very good ones at that? Oh sorry, I forgot. Might be unhelpful to the peace process….and that would never do!

Originally posted on seftonblog:

In March 2012 , having unsuccessfully prosecuted a case in respect of a child who, at the time of the alleged offences was under four, I wrote a report to Roger Davison, then Regional prosecutor, PPS Lisburn.

I set out the facts of the case and voiced my concerns for similar cases, in the future. I was concerned , because of the professional advice which I had received ,about extremely young witnesses and their capacity to give evidence.

My report did not rate even an acknowledgement from the Regional Prosecutor, who went on to be involved with the Mairia Cahill case.

The public should recognise and be concerned about the quality of the criminal justice system. It would be a mistake to think that Mairia Cahill , AA and BB are exceptions.

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There Are No Bad Soldiers Only Bad Officers

The Broken Elbow:

Former prosecutor Peter Sefton identifies the real malaise at Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service: people like Barra McGrory!


Originally posted on seftonblog:

Kier Starmer made a number of criticisms of the PPS. Any prosecuting barrister could have told him of the failings if he had cared to ask. The service provided to victims has always been wanting. Frequently the defence is represented by senior and junior counsel attended by a solicitor and frequently the prosecution is in the hands of junior counsel or employed counsel attended by an unqualified clerk.

Worse still is the enormous pressure place on these clerks, who are left to be the conduit between victims, the witnesses, the court, the police, the directing officer and counsel. None of the PPS high command, mentioned by Starmer, has ever had a career prosecuting  in the Crown Court and they are rarely seen there.

The problems suffered by the three complainants are not new. The victim is less well looked after than the accused. For example in Craigavon, the PPS has…

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Prince Charles Denies IRA Membership – Washington Post

Here, courtesy of Gawker, is one claim about never having been in the IRA that is really believable (hat tip to SB):